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Committee Work

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Nazareth Hall Elementary School: Committee Work


Parent Teacher Organization

        Active member for 3 years

        Attended meetings

        Actively participated in discussions

        Offered input on a variety of topics

        Reported meeting minutes to faculty members

        Worked with parents to create a positive learning atmosphere for their children


Safety Committee

        Active member for 7 years

        Attended meetings

        Revised “what to do if…” various emergency situation scenarios

        Created a fire drill schema map

        Readily available to answer questions and brainstorm solutions from faculty and staff members regarding any safety concerns and or issues

        Assisted principal during lockdown drills


Discipline Committee

        Active member for 2 years

        Attended meetings

        Discussed various discipline strategies

        Reported meeting minutes to faculty members

        Shared various discipline strategies with faculty members

        Worked with committee members to create a positive approach to effective discipline


Field Day Committee

        Active member for 7 years

        Attended meetings held in April, May and June

        Created a schedule for field day

        Created a schedule of events for field day

        Gathered and organized parent volunteers

        Created informational notes for teachers, parents and students

        Discussed various ways to improve field day each year

        Planned diligently to ensure each student had fun on field day

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